Burn Brighter

Death.  There i’ve said it.  Death is something we must all face.  I don’t mean when the credits roll on our own particular film, but rather when members of the supporting cast fade away.  There reaches a point in life when you become all too familiar with death and it’s aftermath.  Grandparents, maybe the odd relative or unfortunate friend.  All of these are sad, but life continues the same.

Losing a parent is different.  It changes you.  Forever.

It’s sort of a tipping point.  The realisation that from this point on, you will increasingly find yourself in this position.  At the crematorium, saying goodbye.

Is this when the inner flame of childhood stops burning?  That no matter your age, this is when you begin to feel old?  Maybe.

Or maybe it’s a reminder.  That life is short.  Before you know it, people will be gathering in the crematorium to say goodbye to you.

So take that flame inside and make it burn ever brighter.  Do the things you’ve always wanted to do, and be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

For there is no surer way to make a parent prouder.  Even if they aren’t with you anymore.


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