Earth 2.0 – What would they think of us?

We have found a planet like Earth.  Well, not us personally, but some geeky scientists that spend all day looking through ridiculously powerful telescopes.  There is an obvious question that pops into my mind, and probably yours too.  Is there life on it, this Earth 2.0?  Out there, billions of miles away, are there people like us?  One day, will we be able to go there on holiday?

It wouldn’t surprise me one little bit, to land on Earth 2.0 and find a German towel laid neatly on the floor, reserving the best spot to catch rays from Sun 2.0.

Though given this newly discovered planet is 1.5 billion years older than Earth, it’s far more likely they’ll make it here first.  Surely 1.5 billion years is enough of a head start for anybody?

What would people or things, arriving here from another planet think about Earth 1.0, and about us?  (potentially a whole new range of ‘Alien’ based outrage for politically correct social media mobs here).  If we followed the movies, inevitably visitors would arrive in the good old USA.  Let’s face it, they are probably the best prepared.

Once, when driving through the Nevada desert, I needed to stop for petrol, or gas as they call it across the pond.  The gas station had one pump, an old attendant guy with only one tooth (horror movie cliche), a brothel and an alien welcome centre.  Everything a friendly alien, tired out from travelling across the galaxy could need.  Though having extended such a warm welcome, it would be typical that a trigger happy US police officer shot the planet’s first visitor from space, for not putting it’s hands up when requested (it’s an alien, it may not even have hands).

New arrivals would do well to steer clear of The Middle East, where the current modus operandi seems to be along the lines of, if in doubt, behead it.  As for the spaceship, containing all sorts of miraculous technologies and cures for the advancement of mankind, they would probably blow that up too.

Russia?  Putin, more than likely, has already despatched some off duty soldiers to vacation on Earth 2.0, where no doubt a referendum for independence and the creation of Novo-Russia 2.0 will follow.  Plus given his track record with tigers, surely the world can be spared a picture of Putin, posing bare chested, grappling a confused alien.

No.  The best place for a visitor from out of space to land on planet Earth 1.0,  would be these green and sceptered isles. Where, let’s face it, if they did have an abnormal ‘alien’ like appearance, people would just assume they are on some sort of stag do, and in severe need of a cup of tea.

It could be a good thing.  Aliens.  For once, people across the world might stop fighting and squabbling with each other.  Admittedly, to collectively fight and squabble with Aliens, but that’s besides the point.  We would have at last, a sort of peace amongst mankind, maybe for the first time ever.


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