Earth 2.0 – What would they think of us?

We have found a planet like Earth.  Well, not us personally, but some geeky scientists that spend all day looking through ridiculously powerful telescopes.  There is an obvious question that pops into my mind, and probably yours too.  Is there life on it, this Earth 2.0?  Out there, billions of miles away, are there people like us?  One day, will we be able to go … Continue reading Earth 2.0 – What would they think of us?

Journey from innocence

‘Cockroaches.  You are mine.  All mine.  Nobody is going to help you here.’  The man bellowed in a thick East African accent.  He was wearing the green uniform of a Ugandan guard and stood at the front of the coach, near where he had boarded. ‘Don’t worry princess,’ Rahul said, squeezing his daughters hand and giving her one of those looks that said everything would … Continue reading Journey from innocence

Cupids Revenge

Stop looking for something different in all the normal places.  The thought swirled around in Jake’s head, as it had done on several occasions before, but here he was again. He watched his date struggle through the crowded bar, her slight frame squeezing between heaving bodies.  Jake had forgot football was on, so plans for a quiet drink lay in tatters.  Well, he thought they … Continue reading Cupids Revenge

If you say it enough, it must be true

  The golden rule of propaganda.  If you say it enough times it must be true. They tell us they fixed the economy, and are the only one’s competent enough to be trusted with it. The Conservatives tell us.  The media tell us.  Bankers and big business tell us.  The richest 1%. Those most trusted of institutions.  And we believe them. You see austerity sounds … Continue reading If you say it enough, it must be true

The White Beast of London

The huge beast reared up on its back legs, growling, claws flailing in the air.  The beast strained at it’s leash, a huge chain clamped around one ankle.  Jim watched the crowd surge backwards then forwards, people jostling for a view, faces caught between amazement and terror.  Not in their wildest dreams had they seen anything like this.  Jim had never seen anything like this. … Continue reading The White Beast of London


Hello. I’ve got first post nerves.  What will we talk about? Will it be interesting? Will you want a second post?  What happens after the third post? Do we sleep together? Oh, it’s not that type of website.  Ok. Sometimes things wait patiently inside your head…..occasionally mustering enough energy to become a thought.  This is where my thoughts end up. Strap in.  It’s going to … Continue reading Hello